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Between sunlight, wind, and rain, your outdoor signs take a beating. Fortunately, Silver Lining Signs specializes in manufacturing and producing high-quality custom outdoor signage for a variety of purposes including; permanent outdoor signs, lighted signs, lettering and logos, movable signs, banners, and even temporary yard signs. Some of our featured products include:


Types of Outdoor Signs
silver lining signs lettering and logo signs

LETTERing and logos

Silver Lining Signs provides custom durable outdoor sign letters and logos that are guaranteed to stand up to the elements. We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials for all of your outdoor sign needs.

mortgage connection lighted sign

Lighted SIGNS

We specialize in custom, LED lighted signs that help make your sign easier for potential customers to read and remember. LED illuminated signs can provide 24/7 advertising for your business and keep your costs down.


Whether you’re holding a special event, campaigning for office, or just need to get the word out quickly, Silver Lining Signs can help. We custom print and construct signs of any size, material, or need. We can make single signs or bulk orders and produce them quickly.

dotsons produce banners


We offer custom fabric/vinyl banners to meet all of your needs. Banners work well for advertising all different types of events including parades, job fairs, festivals, retreats, ball teams, and so much more. We use UV-resistant inks to prevent fading and grommets which help hold up against winds. Our quick turn-around helps your event get started sooner than later.

all creatures morrison main street sign

Main Street SIGNS

Street signs tell the world who and where you are. We can design and build your main sign in any size and shape. These signs are often custom-made to fit your business’s specific needs while conveying your unique message. We offer lighted and non-lighted street signs to help you advertise day or night.


Silver Lining Signs offers both basic and advanced construction site signs. Whether residential or commercial development, we offer signs that not only identify and reflect your project but also prevent accidents and keep you compliant with codes and regulations.

southern heritage monument sign


Monument signs offer a unique opportunity to give your business personalized exposure while maintaining a level of high quality. Silver Lining Signs fabricates strong, classy yet durable monument signs that will stand the test of time.

historic manchester directional sign

PARKING and directional SIGNs

Not many people think about the signs they see in parking lots, however, parking lot signs are extremely important to any commercial business. They keep your customers organized and headed in the right direction. Visitor, Handicapped (ADA), Reserved, No parking, and even Directional parking signs are not only required by state laws and local codes but can also become confusing if not designed properly. Here at Silver Lining Signs we can help you plan, design, and organize your traffic flow properly.


Post and panel signs work great for advertising your business on a larger scale. These outdoor signs can be smaller to advertise an individual business or large enough to be clearly seen from a distance.

KW Southern Middle TN Realty Window Lettering

Window lettering and graphics

Your company’s storefront image is what sets you apart from the competition and identifies your business’s personality to the public. Silver Lining Signs can help you create or recreate your business’s image by designing a storefront that will reflect your company’s purpose while also catching the eye of potential customers.

blue monarch sandblasted parking sign

Sandblasted signs

Looking for an outdoor sign that offers more character and texture? Sandblasted signs could be a great option for your business. Whether you want yours made of wood or high density foam, these signs have a unique, detailed style to them.


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"The entire crew at Silver Signs in Manchester have been an important partner for the middle Tennessee locations of Newell Brands. Silver Lining SIgns have tackled projects ranging from yard signs, now hiring banners, company values banners, interior decoration signage and rigid outdoor signage. All our projects have been completed very quickly with the highest quality and professionalism. They even fabricated a laser cut stainless stell mailbox sign for my home."

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"Silver Lining Signs does all of my signs & even the partial wrap on my car which I get complimented on all the time. Fast, Friendly, and Always Professional, who could ask for more!"

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